White Paper

The Defi space has brought us countless opportunities for previously unimaginable profits and changed many lives, but it has also brought with it plenty of scams.
Being an investor in an emerging market, an unregulated and decentralized one at that, is extremely risky and you can easily lose all your money. This Is where amart tools and communities of investors have come together to help each other and make investing safer. These tools include voting platforms, new token trackers, contract trackers, etc.
The main problem with all of these tools is together that much of the data is manipulated and doesn’t give us a clear picture.This is where we come in. Fast Life Coin is here with an ecosystem of tools to help you make your investment decisions While ensuring that the information is free from manipulation. By building the platform and growing our community, we hope to realize our vision to make the defi space safer and get to the moon together.

ABOUT Fast life coin

Fast Life Coin is a community-focused and fair-launched DeFi Token. A DeFi token that is backed by the community to form a strong foundation, developed with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network which is a means to leverage solidity-based smart contracts with speed and efficiency that is far better than others. The uniqueness of Fast Life Coin lies in the transaction system that provides automatic reflection to each holder so that the holder has the opportunity to get automatic rewards for every token they store in the wallet.

Since the beginning of 2021 we have witnessed how bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies listed on the major exchanges, are only a reflection, as if they were pegged, to the value of the world financial economy, especially the performance of indices such as S&P500 and Nasdaq.
Too many BOTs operate on the market distorting real value and gradually losing the fundamental pillar on which all cryptocurrencies were based: decentralization.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now in the hands of boomers and whales who decide their value at will, not caring about people who still believe in the fundamental concept of decentralization.
With this project, therefore, we want to go back to rediscovering the decentralization of the value of cryptocurrencies, giving the possibility to the people who believe in this project, to create and give value to Fast Life Coin and to use this value to their own advantage (hodling, spending, accumulating...).

This is why, unlike other shitcoins, we prefer not to give excessive visibility to the project, through useless and scamming airdrops and ICOs. We will not create any telegram chat, no Instagram account, we will not pay any tiktoker to sponsor our project. We want to go back to the dawn of cryptocurrencies and create a new community of people who share these values ​​and make them known. We want to avoid the classic pump and dump of "doggy" shitcoins that arise every day.

So we decided to avoid any kind of airdrop in order to prevent an inevitable dump immediately after the launch of our token. NO AIRDROP, NO PUMP AND DUMP!

FAST LIFE COIN in future development is focused on the functionality of the token as a tradable digital asset.


Phase 1

- Token and website creation ✅
- Burn 30% ✅
- Smart contract renounce ownership ✅
- Twitter, Telegram & Instagram account creation ✅
- PancakeSwap launch ✅

Phase II

- Listing on Top100Token ✅ 
- Listing on Coingecko
- Listing on CoinMarketCap
- Biker community creation with first 1.000 hodlers
- Biker NFT creation

Phase III

- Fast Life Apparel e-commerce creation
- Bikers community events
- Listing on other CEXs
- First 5.000 hodlers

Phase IV

- Governance token process/evolution of the project
- Work in progress....
....we accept suggestions from the community! 😉


Deflation utility token - simple, effective, efficient


Chain BSC



Initial supply (1000 Trilion Tokens)

Decimals 18

30% BURN

30% Initial burn


3% Automatically add to liquidity

3% Redistributions to hodlers

1% Sent to lost account

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